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Haru Plus Haru

When Haru meets up with new model Haruyuki, we have a nicely matched pair of Haru’s. Would that be Haru squared? We think a better moniker would be appropriate for these two studs having obvious FUN hooking up with each other, like a couple of new boyfriends carving their initials in a nearby tree. So it’s Haru+Haru, a simpatico matchup if there ever was one. From the minute they press together, arms around each other, they lock lips in a sweet passionate kiss. From there, they explore each other’s bodies and find the sensitive, pleasurable and even giggly spots to raise the erotic fun.

Veteran Haru leads the way, and new guy Haruyuki is happy to follow his lead. They tweak nips as the Japanboyz love to do, then swap juicy blowjobs. When Haru’s hands dart down it’s clear that Haruyuki’s interested in getting his booty blasted, so that’s the vector. He smiles and laughs when Haru is touching him just right, and that happens a lot. Haru lubes up a finger and tickles his new buddy’s insides till Haruyuki is primed and ready to take a long raw cock. Once they’re screwing, it’s clear that no matter who’s on top or bottom their enjoyment is equal and obvious. Haru kneels and pulls Haruyuki up to his knees as well to drill his big cock in while his arm is wrapped around, pulling him into a closer clench. Their sexual heat doesn’t take long to simmer and hit the boiling point. Haruyuki cums easily from the deep satisfaction of his ass getting reamed royally, then he lends a hand to watch Haru respond to a slick slow beat-off. When Haru lets his nuts boil over and geyser our a load the rockets straight into the lens of the camera, you know these buddies are gonna hook up often, hot, and well-matched.