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Haruyuki Meets WildBoy Yusaku

One guy definitely stands out in our Japanboyz stable as the most daring, edgy, and, yes absolutely WILD. WIth his split tongue, big crop of tattoos, shock of curly hair and pierced cock, Yusaku challenges all the cliches of sweet submissive Asian guys. He’s a liberated, alternative, wild boy through and through. New model Haruyuki might have been a little anxious what hijinks this force of nature might be up to when they were matched for this onscreen hookup. But Wild Boys need love too, and this time Yusaku is enjoying playing the romantic Romeo up for pleasing his partner. He’s more than happy to kick back, relax, and be the horny bottom to Haruyuki’s seXXXy top.

They start out like old buddies, kissing, cuddling, nibbling and sucking each other’s nips and cocks. Yusaku groans with relief when Haruyuki makes a move toward his muscular booty. He’s probably been looking forward to getting his ass rammed for a while. Haruyuki ups the ante when his big thick dick head presses into Yusaku’s tight little pucker. He dons a rubber, so maybe Yusaku’s wild reputation did faze Haruyuki a bit, but neither of these guys seem to be letting a little latex get in the way of their naughty fun. Haruyuki gives Yusaku a hot dick ride, especially when the edgy stud climbs on and grinds his ass down onto the stiff pole, dick piercings and Prince Albert cockring bobbing at the end of his hot woody.Things heat up fast, and these two studs are just about at the point of no return. Yusaku finds Haruyuki’s magic button when he tweaks the top’s nipples and gets his nuts into firing position. HIs load cums geysering out, splattering all the way to Yusaku’s collarbone. That’s all the hot fun Yusaku needs to shot his own creamy wad till the new buddies nestle together for a post-coital snuggle.