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Japanboyz – Meet Haruyuki

Haruyuki is good-natured, lean and lanky, and comes to us courtesy of his best friend who models for Japanboyz. He likes short haired guys, and his perfect type is a skinny guy with a muscular build. That’s not asking TOO much. But tonight it’s just Haruyuki, his nimble hand, big cock and smooth tight butt. With a little helping hand from the director.

After his introduction and interview, Haruyuki gets busy stripping down and working up a big stiff woody. It’s so tempting that the director can’t help reaching in to stroke it. And when sexy Haru perches his feet up on the couch, the director spots his perfect puckered hole, pats his ass and works a finger or two in. Haruyuki is getting heated up, ready to blast soon, He treats us to a few more minutes of him alone with his cock, then speeds up his beating off till a stream of sticky white cream rockets out and drenches his fist. Sure isn’t bad for the first meeting, is it?