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Japanboyz – Ramu Gets Reamed – Fuji x Ramu

Little Ramu lucked out when his latest partner turned out to be handsome Japanboyz veteran Fuji. Nobody knows the ropes better and he’s dependable, gentle, understanding and tough when he needs to be. Fuji breaks the ice and keeps Ramu relaxed and turned on when they peel off their traditional Asian robes and get down to some hot and dirty fun. After the usual kisses and nip tweaking pleasantries, Ramu and Fuji trade juicy oral attention. Fuji opens Ramu’s tight and not too experienced hole with patient fingers and a magic tongue.

By the time Fuji’s slipping his slick tool into Ramu, the new guy is open and more than thirsty for some cock. Fuji’s muscular butt bobs up and down as he plows in with a steady rhythm. Soon Ramu is riding champ like it’s NOT his first time at the rodeo. He keeps eye contact with Fuji as they need no more that body language to stay in sync. Soon they are both ready to blast. Ramu wraps his long legs around Fuji’s waist as they go in for a last dip before they shoot their creamy wads. When Ramu tosses his head back in ecstasy, Fuji pulls out to drench his new buddy in musky man goo. Ramu got reamed and creamed by one of Asia’s finest fuckers.