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Manga Men Explosion 4 – Dance of the Dicks – Rikiya and Reach

Rikiya and Reach are Japanese warriors in satin jackets and braided headbands, practicing a one-legged hopping dance for a festival. But they can’t keep their minds on the dance when their cocks are bulging in their skimpy thongs. Rikiya moves in for a kiss and Reach groans with satisfaction. He drops to his knees and pops Rikiya’s thick tool out of his undies to give it an appreciative lick.

Saliva drips off the tip of Reach’s chin as he slobbers on the juicy pole. When he lies on the tatami, Rikiya tweaks him by the nipples and gets his dick into gear. He pulls Reach’s hard cock out and sucks it tenderly. Rocking him back, Reach’s open ass is right in his face to suck on and lube with spit. He probes a wet thumb into Reach’s hairy hole, gets it ready for plowing. Reach opens wider and welcomes his buddy’s bareback cock into his fuckstarved hole. Rikiya drills in from behind, holding Reach’s bent leg in the air.

He turns his buddy onto hands and knees and plows in doggie style, holding muscleman Reach’s firm butt as he thrusts. Reach lies face down and lets Rikiya do as he pleases. He’s enjoying every minute of getting screwed. Rikiya’s nuts slap into Reach’s furry crack. Reach starts beating his cock faster. He’s ready to blow. Rikiya grabs his nips and drills in balls deep as Reach erupts in a hot splatter of molten manjuice.

Standing over Reach’s face, Rikiya squirts a massive wad that drenches Reach’s open mouth. As he feeds him the cum off his cock, Reach licks off every drop.