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Men’s RushTV – CAPY-485

Koshiro, a popular model, appeared for the first time in about two months!! A certain holiday, Koshiro went to a certain place in Tokyo. Let’s head to the development field where we are going for the first time. When entering the store, BGM seems to provoke sexual desire, and a brief explanation is given from the clerk, and he changes to the changing room.

It seems that some gays are already waiting while being horny. After changing clothes, while looking for the inside of the store, I open the curtains in order and check the appearance… Kojiro who is touched by one man but disappears naturally into one room. When I enter, I reach out to my penis and make a fellatio and my opponent also blows Koshiro’s big cock and soaks in pleasure while touching the nipple! I do not ejaculate here, I go to see other situations … already entangled Join the two of them. Just as the man I was talking about just started, I started to look at the three people from the corner.

One of the three sucks his dick and goes to the place where they are different. Two people alone fellatio with each other, Koshiro was being solved by an anal, and a fierce voice was heard over there and I decided to join there! Koshiro!! Four people will meet each other in a narrow place!! Koshiro who wants to dig will reach from Uke and dig a lot of one anal! While looking at it, the two men are Shikori, Two more are sucked at the same time!! While firmly holding it, the waist moves firmly and the piston moves!! One man seems to die and it is scattered in the chest of Koshiro, and the man who is being dug soon reaches the peak Thick sperm spouting!! The last man also releases plenty to Kojiro’s body…

Kyoshiro who has not yet died moves to the passage and is treated and six hands from the left and right and the bottom grow and are groped However, Koshiro who handles it himself!! He screams “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” and spits a large amount of sperm!!!!!! Koshiro moves to the shower as it is and leaves the shop……