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Men’s RushTV – HBM-358 – 19

Get an insanely cute boy! Appearance negotiations were successful! Moreover, a virgin! A karate player who doesn’t look good! The beautifully cracked pickpocket muscle system is worth a look!

After introducing yourself and taking a physical tour, after taking a shower, you will be asked to chewy and ona in front of the camera. I shot with various angles of view such as the whole body, face and local close-ups! At the end, he fired pure white sperm with great force. The expression that shines while blushing is very cute! But this time it doesn’t end here! It will be another day, but we are entering the second round!

In the second round, we will also measure the chin length using a ruler! Even in the second shooting, it fired splendidly and the masturbation shooting was finished!