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Men’s RushTV – HBM-360

A handsome straight young man with a gentle personality appears for the first time in the video! First of all, an interview on the street, the abdominal muscles that do not look good on the face when you show the abdomen!

After moving to the shooting room and having a self-introduction and a physical tour, I moved to the shower booth. While washing the body with an erotic system, I have you chewy and lightly w It seems that there is not much libido from usual, and the frequency of masturbation is once every two weeks. I also visited for shooting after accumulating for 2 weeks on this day, and if I had him masturbate with lotion, the sperm that was pure white and insanely thick would overflow from the tip of the dick!

After that, I asked him to continue to chew and finally released the remaining sperm that seemed to be comfortable! After shooting, he gave me a thick sperm that smelled like sperm in the room w…