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Men’s RushTV – MR-KR1747 – JUN

JUN, who was the youngest character, has grown into an adult man and has appeared for a long time! When you take off your pants while licking the nipples and crotch of a slim and beautiful boy who is increasing in popularity, JUN who licks the boy’s cheeks! Whether JUN’s blow job feels good, a boy who leaks a voice that seems to be comfortable while holding his head down!

JUN also becomes naked, and this time the boy lifts his ass and licks the bare anal, and JUN licks the anal again while sucking with sixty nine! Furthermore, when he thrusts his finger and solves the anal, he inserts raw cheeks in the upper rank ♂ While changing the position and angle, in the back he makes a close contact with the body like a dog and shakes his hips! !! The boy who changed his position to the upper rank and was playing with Ji-ko while being dug, let go of Ji-ko, but he leaked semen from Ji-ko whether it was not in time or it was Tokoroten.

When I grasp Ji-ko again and handle it lightly, the feeling of ejaculation again … JUN’s hips move faster as if responding to the voice of the boy who said “I’m going to live”, and the boy’s erection Semen is dopy from the cheeks! !! And JUN who continued to dig as it was … uttered a voice saying “It looks like it’s going to be good!” And shakes his hips violently! “Iku! Iku! Iku!” The movement stopped … Did you put it out inside? ?? Semen that flows out of anal at the moment of slowly pulling out Ji ○! Moreover, how much was put out! !!

It was a boy who had been vaginal cum shot without permission, but he was in a policy state with intense and pleasant SEX tiredness or afterglow or sighing. It is not good to vaginal cum shot without permission, but the semen that flows out is erotic (laugh) [Men’s Rush]