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Peter Fever – Tokyo Love Stories, Episode One – Rikiya and Koki

In this Valentine season, it’s refreshing to see BTS stories of gay porn models and their sweethearts. Our Japan crew interviewed some of the hottest fuckbois in Tokyo to find out about their sweet, romantic sides and the boyfriends they come home to. First up are macho muscleboy Rikiya and his cute boyish partner Koki. In the big city, how many gay guys are bonded to their high school sweethearts? That’s where this adorable twosome met and mated, over five years ago. They dote on each other, but still are turned on by each other’s naughty side.

They take a break from answering interview questions to dig into a bowl of steaming noodles, feeding each other and slurping a bundle of noodles that ends in a deep kiss. When the question and answer ends, these sexy Asians are happy to share the erotic spark that keeps them hot and horny for each other. Stripping to their black undies, they grab and paw at each other like schoolboys, then get proudly naked. Rikiya gets up close and personal with Koki’s perfect smooth ass, fingering him with a slick digit.

He kneels on the bed to give Koki a chance to chow down on his big hard fucktool. It only takes a moment till he’s drilling his lubed–up cock deep into his BFF. Koki backs into every hard thrust. He climbs on and straddles Riki’s tight abs to ride the dick he knows so well. They screw close and deep, never separating by more than inches. Passion and love make their fuck hot as a volcano.

When they are perched on the edge of exploding into orgasm, Rikiya pulls out and beats their dicks together in his slick hand, spraying a load onto his partner’s lean belly. He feeds Koki a palmful of musky cum then leans in to kiss his best bud.