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Screwing Shizuku – Reach & Shizuku

In a black-lit room reminiscent of countless sex club dark rooms, naked stud Reach strides in to find Shizuku sprawled across the bed. The hot bottom is on all fours with his underwear-covered butt aimed squarely at the door, so Reach reaches for those round firm buns and rubs a curious hand into the crack. With his hard cock straining to get into that hungry hole, Reach peels Shizuku’s briefs down and dives face first into his musky butt. Firing off a wad of spit at the pucker, Reach squirts a blob of lube onto his finger and opens up that twitching tunnel of love. Before the main event of bareback screwing gets going, the two horny Asians take their turns slobbering on each other’s knobs.

Shizuku lies back and stretches his long legs across Reach’s muscular thighs. His ass up and ready, Reach greases his fucktool and plows in raw. Shizuku’s head rocks back and his eyes close as he savors feeling the big cock filling his ass to the brim. Reach handles the slim bottom like a rag doll, tossing his legs from side to side as he drills in to find the perfect angle. When he hits the magic spot, he wraps his powerful arms around and kisses his darkroom buddy. Shizuku rises up to a squat and grinds his ass onto Reach’s thick rod. He stands and braces against the wall for Reach to screw him from behind, moaning with each rough thrust. Curled up on the bed with his ankles around Reach’s neck, Shizuku’s getting close. The horny top speeds up and milks a load out onto his handsome bottom. Shizuku beats his meat just a few strokes before his creamy wad is mixing with Reach’s steaming sperm puddles.