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Tokyo Love Stories – Ep 2 – Ryuji and Ramu

Muscular Filipino macho man Ryuji and shaggy Asian twink Ramu struck a spark in the most inappropriate way when Ramu was a student and Ryuji his teacher in college. At first Ramu couldn’t think of teacher as being sexy, but one day in an afterschool study session everything changed. They started a relationship that lasts still today, a few years later.

After recounting their romance, they go for a brisk walk in a nearby park and start making out on a secluded bench. Invited to show off their lovemaking skills by the director, the pair giggles and gets to the action. Ryuji unbuttons his shirt to reveal his smooth, thick-muscled pecs and Ramu can’t help sucking on those nips. They doff their duds and get naked on the couch, Ramu’s stiff cock already pointing up toward the skies. He takes Ryuji’s tan Pinoy dick in his talented mouth and works his oral magic.

With Ryuji lying back across the cushions, Ramu climbs on to take all his bare cock in a grinding dick ride. stretching out on all fours, Ramu catches his breath long enough to take a deep ramming from the manly stud. He wraps his ankles around the seXXXy daddy’s broad shoulders and opens his ass to all that Ryuji can plow in.

When the sexual temperature boils over, Ramu’s balls churn up a thick load that streams across his tight little waist. Ryuji adds to the puddle of cum, then licks the hot sperm up to snowball it into Ramu’s hungry mouth.