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Wet Hot Hiroya Summer Wet Studs in the Tub

Few things are hotter than catching two guys in the act of sucking and fucking, watching them surreptitiously and enjoying every slurp and deep thrust. When built bleach blond twink Kouya is getting his ass into gear for Kohei’s big cock as they soak in the tub together, neither has any idea horny Hiroya is peering from just around the door, jacking his thick cock as he watches their hookup heat up. Kouya expertly nurses on the shiny head and long thick shaft of Kohei’s uncut tool as he prepares for a long, deep, wet screw. He perches on the edge of the tub for Kohei to get his own musky slurp. He stands and turns away, boner pointing straight ahead, as Kohei burrows his tongue into his twitching hole.

Kouya climbs onto the tub’s ledges while Kohei drills in a lubed-up finger, opening him for a hard fuck to come. Standing and splashing in the warm water, the two Japanese bareback fuckers start screwing. As Hiroya yanks his stiff cock, Kohei turns to notice the hot voyeur. Inviting him in to make it a threesome, they head for the bedroom. Sprawled across a chair next to the panoramic window overlooking Tokyo, Kouya spreads his legs as Kohei pounds in, and Hiroya straddles Kouya’s chest to fill his cockhungry mouth. As Hiroya bends forward, Kohei moves in to lick his ass. Hiroya feeds his cock to Kouya and his ass to Kohei, then hops down to take over fucking. Kouya braces against the window as Hiroya plows in deep. Moving to the bed, Kouya is happily caught in a meaty spitroast between his two hung buddies. Kohei cums first, breeding his sperm into Kouya as Hiroya watches. Then the hot voyeur fucks the load out of Kouya and sprays his own steamy cum across Kouya’s tight abs.


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