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JB – Superstar Fuji Plows Haru

Of all the studs in the Japanboyz stable, there’s one undisputed king fucker, and that’s Fuji. New model Haru has the honor of giving up his booty to the hot longtime favorite. Fuji gently peels off Haru’s undies and lets him relax on the bed. He bends down to take Haru’s erect tool deep into his cockhungry throat. Once Haru is rock-hard and raring for more, he returns the favor and sucks down Fuji’s big love muscle. When both studs are hot to fuck, Fuji laps at Haru’s tight hole, then drills in a wet finger.

Fuji rolls on a rubber and smears on a thick drizzle of lube as he kneels between Haru’s upturned legs. He slides in and starts thrusting fast and hard. When he leans forward Haru wraps his legs around to keep that dick buried to the root. Their lips meet in a deep passionate kiss. Fuji finally lays back and lets Haru grind down and get all the dick he needs as he rides on top. With Haru on hands and knees, Fuji plows in from behind. Rivulets of lube drip down Haru’s crack and onto his swinging nuts. It’s getting too hot to hold back. The hot Asians lie next to each other and beat each other’s cocks to a juicy spurting finish. Fuji sprays a puddle onto his lean waist as Haru watches. The new boy only needs a few more strokes before he splatters his sperm. gives the veteran superstar a grateful, satisfied kiss.


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