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JB – Breaking In Jay

Jay is a hot young Filipino-Japanese mix getting his first taste of the kind of action the Japanboyz have to offer. He is single and admits to being a little moody, to the point he usually prefers to get off solo. But tonight he’s horny, a bit nervous, and ready for the big dick the director has promised. Once more it’s sweet and well-hung Akira to the rescue. They kiss and cuddle a bit before Jay drops his drawers and Akira gets busy sucking. He stands to give Jay a comfy position to slurp down his big cock, gently pumping his pelvis as Jay takes it down like a pro. They 69 and it’s obvious they’re up and raring to move on to the REAL action.

Jay lies back as Akira slips in a lubed finger, then two. His thick tool slides in like butter as Jay tosses his head back and groans with pleasure. Jay rises up to squat over Akira and grind down on his stiff piece. On all fours, Jay gives Akira full control to pound in deep and hard. He turns his head to face the sexy top and get a deep kiss. The new buddies lie next to each other, Akira licking a tweaking Jay’s sensitive nips. A few strokes later Jay is firing off his first cum explosion as a Japan Boy. Akira joins in and christens the new stud with a thick hot splatter before they rinse off and make out in the shower.


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