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JP – Breaking In Kie

Stepping into the brightly colored room, new boy at Japanboyz Kie reports for his breaking in to master muscle top Reach. He kneels between Reach’s powerful legs, tilts his head up to get a deep kiss. The gap in Reach’s robe shows his horned-up dick poking up between his legs. Kie doesn’t miss the opportunity to take a hot juicy mouthful, and Reach guides his face down onto the thick bronzed cock. The two hot Asians embrace and Reach slides down to chew on Kie’s tight little nips.

Slipping out of his robe, Kie gets on all fours and offers up his ass to the big guy. Grabbing a lean buttcheek in each hand, Reach runs a wet tongue around the lad’s tight asshole. Lubing a finger, he eases it in to stretch out Kie’s butt. Rubbing his mushroom head across the young man’s pucker, he slowly slides in bareback. Kie turns to face Reach, rides his cock in the chair where he sits. Moving to the soft mattress, Reach rams in hard and fast as Kie moans out his satisfaction. With Kie nibbling his muscular chest, Reach milks out a big gooey load that drips down his heavy nuts.


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